So - what the hell am I up to?

I really like doing the Wondergnome thing. I always have. So I thought I might give some of my bandwidth away to other people. Last Gang and other promoters in Cambridge get a hard time about promoting gigs and if we do enough work to get people here. I think we do more work than the bands and the public deserve.
You see, people are lazy. True story. They find it a chore to find outy about gigs and such. Well, lets force it down their neck. Cambridge, like other cities has a good, amount going on but people don't seem to give a shit, so lets try and change that.


OK, so I have a huge dislike for social-media so I thought I would start a better site for Wondergnome Promotions. Please feel free to add to it or just shout about how crap we are.

Cheers, Rob.

Wondergnome Promotions are a small promotion company based in Cambridge, and we stole the idea from The Last Gang In Town who are fucking legends. Cheers!

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